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What do you mean by "power"?

Everyone has a "power source" in mind.My mom thought the power was the light bulb in the house.My dad thought the power was the cell phone's solar panel.The power source in the minds of engineers may be AC/DC converter.The word "power source" is a bit of a catch-all.If you are staying in a hotel on a business trip and cannot find a 220V ac outlet, you might say that the hotel does not provide "power".In this context, a "switching power supply" is an "ac input power supply" that can be used on the input side of a power supply device.
If you find yourself on a business trip without a "power adapter" on your laptop, you'll get used to saying that you have a computer but no power.
If someone asks you what you do for a living, and you say "power" or "on/off", they may immediately think you have a mediocre job and are not very high-tech.And the person who asks you, the "power source" in his mind is just 220V ac on the wall, or a switch on the wall.
The power supply seems too common because it seems to be everywhere.In a broad sense, as long as the power supply equipment, facilities are power supply.In a narrow sense, the power supply in the heart of the power supply is only a switching power supply.I'm talking about switching power supplies.
I did not search for the official definition of switching power supply.In my understanding, the switching power supply is through the switch on and off to achieve the transformation of electrical energy.The transformation of electric energy includes:
1, AC/DC.To convert alternating current to direct current, usually 220V, two-phase alternating current or 380V, three-phase alternating current from the grid to direct current.Low power AC/DC AC input is 220V, high power AC input is 380V.It is also called AC/DC converter, rectifier, primary power supply, communication power supply, power adapter, lighting power supply, etc.
2, the DC/DC.To convert DC to DC, such as high voltage, small current into low voltage, large current, depending on the application industry, occasions, may be called DC/DC converter, secondary power supply, module power supply, board power supply, etc..
3, DC/AC.Convert dc to ac, may be called UPS, inverter, grid-connected inverter, motor controller, etc.
4, AC/AC.To convert ac to ac, usually in the form of a frequency converter for motor control.
The above four kinds of electrical energy conversion, subdivided into many industries!
In AC/DC, DC/DC corresponding to the two direction of industry market, industry insiders call "switching power supply, there is a specific industry one of the high-end power supply (also called communication power supply, but the meaning of communication power supply seems to be more widely, generally refers to the telecom room 48 v power supply, the secondary power supply, custom power supply, power supply, computer power supply, laptop etc all kinds of electrical equipment, power adapter, cell phone charger power supply, rechargeable power supply, car charger (OBC, on board charger), on-board DC/DC converter,Lighting power supply (also divided into LED power supply, electronic ballast, HID power supply), etc.And corresponding to the industry market of DC/AC, AC/AC, people generally say it is to do UPS, do photovoltaic (according to photovoltaic panels direct current conversion into alternating current), do energy storage, do inverter, do motor controller.
As you can imagine, there is a huge commercial market behind these four types of power conversion.

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