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How is the difference between Class2 and ClassII

Class 2 is from UL 1310(Class 2 power units), mainly referring to the product's output is safe and comply with UL1310 standard requirements;

Class 2 must meet the following electrical requirement:

1)DC output voltage<60VDC (Canada<42.4V), and the output dc voltage<30V when using in washy environment.

2) Total power < 100W

3) rated output nominal current<5A (the maximum over load current no more than than 8A)

4) meet the related abnormal test requirements of UL1310.

Class II from IEC standards or equivalent standard, is mainly refers to prevent electric shock insulation product structure or unique insulation type. For the lED power supply, not only rely on basic insulation protection against electric shock, but also includes additional security measures, such as double insulation or reinforced insulation, but there is no protection grounding or depend on the installation conditions, has its own symbol.


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