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How much do you know about buying power adapters?

The principle of choosing a power adapter

1. The maximum output current of the adapter shall be consistent with the maximum current required by the notebook as far as possible; if it is different, it shall be equal to or greater than the current required by the notebook;Note: as long as the current is large, you do not have to worry about how big, no matter how big you are, you do not have to worry about burning the machine!However, the current should not be too small, because unstable conditions such as screen flicker may occur.For example, the adapter of IBM T30 (16V, 4.5a) can be used on IBM ThinkPad T20 (16V, 3.36a) or ThinkPad X31 (16V, 3.5a).Here's how it works: the power adapter adjusts the output current according to the load, not the same.

Like the IBM 16V, 4.5a adapter above, it can provide up to 4.5a working current, but for T20, it can also output up to 3.36a current.Actually because notebook computer is different working condition, the current that it needs also is in ceaseless change among, adapter adjusts output power at any time according to notebook working condition, will satisfy the demand of the computer.The higher output current adaptor is more flexible and has the flavor of "killing a chicken with a big knife".However, if the reverse is not good, although the T20 adapter can also light up the T30, the T30 screen sometimes flickers, because the T20 adapter cannot provide the required working current for the T30 stably.

2. The output voltage of the adapter should be equal to the voltage required by the notebook. If it is different, it should be as close as possible to the voltage required by the notebook and controlled within 5% error.Beyond this range, the voltage is too low, the computer may work instability or even point machine;The voltage is so high that it may burn the voltage regulator in the computer.For example, an acer laptop requires input of 15V and 3.36a, but the adapter of IBM 16V and 3.36a can work perfectly with it.

3. It is the output interface of the adapter and the polarity of the output (pay attention to the positive and negative poles), you must first ensure that the purchased adapter can be inserted into your laptop, otherwise even if the working parameters are completely the same, but the plug, what is your use?Due to the independence of the major notebook manufacturers, different brands of adapter joints are not the same, with the brand of the series of notebook adapters are generally the same specifications of the connector, but sometimes different brands may also use the same interface.

4. The principle is to choose the same brand of the same type, if not, it can only find other brands.


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